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At Valentine & Kebartas Inc. we believe that our clients are our life blood.  We fully understand that without our clients we wouldn’t be in business.  That is why we try to make doing business with us a seamless as possible.  One of the ways we do this is by assigning a dedicated client service representative to each of our clients. The client service representative will be able to help you with reporting, remittance, placements and any other questions you may have about your account. 


Services Include:


Remote Call Monitor
On-Line Account Auditing
FTP Site Available for Placement
PCI Certification


Below is Darlene Tanchak’s contact information.  Darlene is in charge of our client services department and is available to be contacted at your convenience.  To arrange for any of these services, please contact Darlene.


You will also find a placement form below which should give you a good idea of exactly what information we are looking for to help you collect on your delinquent accounts.


      Darlene Tanchak

      VP of Client Services

      P: 800-731-7766 Ext. 209

      C: 941-518-2343


      Click Here for Placement Form



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