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Pre-Collection Programs

When used early in the delinquency cycle or just prior to an account becoming delinquent, pre-collections programs can produce consistent results at a minimal cost and restore customers to current-paying status.  Programs can include letters, phone calls or a combination of both.  Pre collection programs provide a friendly, early reminder that payment is now due or past due.


At Valentine & Kebartas, Inc (VKI), our primary goal is to provide a flexible cost-effective method of turning your receivables into cash fast!


Your customers will appreciate the one-on-one, customer service approach that VKI offers.  Our Early Intervention Services are designed to minimize the number of accounts that enter into bad debt status.  VKI will operate as an extension of your business office, to improve your day’s sales outstanding. 


This program is customized to meet your program needs, including:


·          Customized letterhead

·          Contacting customers in your name

·          Arranging payment plans


Some of the benefits of using Pre-collections are:


·          Very cost effective.

·          We are responsible for the employee’s benefits, compensation plans,         background checks, etc.

·          Allows you as the client to spend more time with new and existing customers.

·          We are dedicated to performance which will give you faster results on payment.


Pre-collection is designed to collect accounts that are past-due but not ready to be placed for third-party collection.  This service is a gentle reminder helping your customers realize the importance of payment, or initiating payment arrangements, while maintaining a relationship with your organization.  We look forward to helping you with your account receivables needs.



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