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Near Shore Collections

Valentine & Kebartas, Inc. (VKI) is a collection agency that prides itself on achieving the right balance. In order to provide comprehensive solutions that span the entire collections cycle and achieve a higher netback, as well as a positive customer experience for our clients, VKI has built a different type of collection agency, from the ground up. To this end, we have combined the best of American management, systems, and processes with the advantages of locating our fourth call center in Panama. Panamanian economics allow us to afford high caliber collectors. We have many college-educated collectors with analytical skills that allow them to effectively handle complex collection scenarios.


The favorable cost structure allows us to have lower Account Collector Ratios (ACR), which helps us to penetrate a file more quickly and be more competitive for our clients. If you are interest to learn more about our Panama Facility please contact one of our sales representatives at 866-598-2788.


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